August 14, 2012

Tomato Sandwich

Ok, so here it is.....the only sandwich I will eat with mayonnaise.  Correction - basil mayonnaise (scroll down to my previous post for recipe).  Yup, it's a tomato sandwich.  It is baffling, even to me, that I like this sandwich.  Mostly because I don't really care for BLT's, so you would think that I wouldn't be interested in this sandwich.  However, after thinking long and hard about it, there is nothing better than a fresh tomato straight from the garden.  So, it just makes sense to make tomato sandwiches...that way the tomato can stay in the spotlight and you can truly enjoy it.

Pair it with fresh, local corn on the cob, and you have a perfect summer dinner.  Mmmm, so good!  Simple.  Delicious.  I realize this sandwich doesn't really require that I post a recipe, so I'll just tell you how I put them together.  If you've never tried a tomato sandwich, now is the time!  I promise you won't be disappointed....just make sure to use the basil mayonnaise - it makes a difference!

To assemble the tomato sandwiches:  Toast your bread, slice the tomatoes into thick slices & sprinkle salt and pepper on them to taste.  Spread the basil mayonnaise (click here for recipe) on the toast, then place tomatoes in between two slices of toast.  YUM!!!